Limescale – a blight on your home

While calcium and magnesium are considered to be beneficial to our health, they’re precisely the opposite to your home. Those chalky deposits around your taps, on your sink, clogging up your shower heads and making your appliances run less efficiently are not only unsightly, they’re costly too. Then there’s the unpleasant scummy film on the top of your cups of tea and coffee.

Yes, limescale can be scrubbed off for temporary relief, and you can use descaler in your kettle, but the only way to get rid of it completely is to soften your water.

Hard Water And Bad Limescale - Infinity Water Softeners
Hard Water And Bad Limescale - Infinity Water Softeners

The difference is amazing

The difference will be immediately obvious. Your surfaces will become shiny again – and stay that way. Your shower head will run straight and true without limescale blocking the holes. Your tea, coffee, fruit and vegetables will taste better, and your skin and hair will feel softer too.

You’ll save money

Over time, you’ll save a good deal of money – from less energy required to run your boiler and other appliances, to less detergent needed to wash your clothes and dishes. You’ll need less shower gel and shampoo too. You could save over £300 a year on products alone, while you’ll also avoid far more costly appliance repairs and replacements.

Limescale doesn’t need to be your problem anymore. Install one of our water softeners and enjoy the benefits for years to come.

Hard Water And Bad Limescale - Infinity Water Softeners
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